The Authentic Doctor Survey

Please read the information below carefully before you decide to participate in this research study. Your participation is voluntary.  You can decide not to participate or later decide to stop participating at any time without penalty or lose any benefits that would normally be expected.

Purpose of the Study:

The purpose of this research study is to qualitatively examine the physician’s struggle with practicing authenticity.

What will you be asked to do:

You will be asked to take an online survey regarding your struggle with practicing authenticity.

Time Required:

It will take about 3 minutes to participate in the research.

Research Benefits:

You may benefit from reflecting on your answers to the survey questions. There may also be a benefit to others depending on the results of this study.

Research Risks:

There are no risks or discomforts anticipated. However, if you become uncomfortable while taking the survey, you are free to exit the survey at any time.

Statement of Confidentiality:

Your participation in this research is anonymous.   No identifiable data is collected from the survey.

Who to contact if you have questions or injured:

Please contact Dr. Jessica Ching at (352) 273-8670 with questions or concerns about this study.

Voluntary Participation:

Your decision to be in this research is voluntary. You do not have to complete the survey and may stop at any time. If you choose not to take part, this will have no effect on you or your relationships with the University of Florida. If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, you can phone the Institutional Review Board at 352-273-9600.

Participation in the research implies that you have read the information in this form and consent to take part in the research. Please save a copy of this form for your records or future reference.

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